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Overview of Roberts Consulting Services

Founded in 2001, Roberts Consulting Services has been providing trusted Medical-Legal and professional support services vital for lawyers and law firms to successfully litigate medical related cases in the State of Florida and nationally.
Lawyers and legal teams face unique challenges when faced with medical issues in their legal cases. Our professional litigation support team specializes in taking complex medical-legal issues and providing a clear view of the key medical records and facts needed by the lawyer who practices in such areas as personal injury, medical malpractice, products liability, wrongful death and other medical related cases.
The professional litigation support team of Roberts Consulting, based in Tampa Florida, includes seasoned professionals who have worked in the fields of radiology, pharmacy, regulatory auditing, drug, device and cosmetic regulation, etc.
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Roberts Consulting Services Exceeds Your Expectations

Roberts Consulting Services provides our clients with a comprehensive view of a patient's medical history, current medical conditions and all the vital and relevant information pertaining to the case at hand. This medical-legal review can include organizing your medical records (electronic and hardcopies), searching for experts, identifying defendants, providing timelines, locating missing records, client intake interviews, drafting intake forms, case summaries, deposition summaries, mass tort organization, etc.
Our Medical Records specialists are familiar with and can easily work with highly complex medical records of all types, including deciphering handwritten notes and abbreviations. Their familiarity with medical and legal nomenclature empowers them to perform insightful medical reviews that are critical in winning a case.
Complex case professionalism in the field of medical records review.

Our Advantage

Roberts Consulting Services professional support group provides :

  • Accuracy - accurate, relevant record retrieval and attention to detail. Don't miss that smoking gun.
  • Transparency - transparency at every step of the medical record retrieval process. We customize our services to your needs.
  • Convenience - medical records organization is cumbersome and time consuming. We can take away the mess and bring back a neatly organized chronological record as well as a scanned and bookmarked version for your experts.
  • Cost Effectiveness - knowing what to do and getting it right the first time saves you money.
  • Security - we can enter into an agreement with you to cover your HIPAA requirements and even come to your office to get things organized, if necessary.
  • Customizable - let us help with whatever you need. As little or as much support as required.