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Roberts Consulting Medical-Legal Service Offering

Roberts Consulting Services based in Tampa Florida, has been instrumental in assisting attorneys successfully litigate many complex medical cases in the State of Florida and nationally. Hiring the Roberts Consulting Services Litigation Support Team provides additional resources for your legal case preparation to ensure a timely and cost-effective outcome. Our litigation support professionals are experts in their fields that you can trust, while you focus on your core competencies and winning the case.

Roberts Consulting Services offer the following Medical-Legal Services on a per diem/hourly basis at a reasonable rate:

  • Medical Records Services - Medical Record reviews for legal purposes is extremely complicated involving numerous healthcare providers. Our Medical Records Review services are tailored to the meet the specific requirements of each client. We are known for our comprehensive, accurate, timely and in-depth Medical Record organization and summaries that provide a clear view of the Key Medical Facts needed for the successful litigation of a medical related case. Read more below.
  • Client Intake Services - Drafting client questionnaires and performing intake interviews to verify client's medical case and gathering enough facts to ensure the long-term success of your medical litigation case.
  • Expert Witness Services - Targeted procurement and interviews of Expert Witnesses based on your criteria and crucial for the success of your medical legal case.
  • Medical Literature Services - Performing effective medical literature searches and reviews to obtain the best available evidence to support the facts of your medical lawsuit.
  • Expert Affidavit Services - Drafting expert affidavits confirmed by oath or affirmation, containing the relevant facts to support your case to be submitted as evidence in court.
  • Related Services - If you don't see the service listed that meets your particular needs, contact us to discuss. Our diverse talented litigation support team will be able to help.

Medical Records Review Process

Medical Records services includes requests, detailed analysis, review, organization and summary of medical records to provide a clear view of the patient/client key medical records and facts. Our customizable Medical Records Review Process can include the following activities:

  • Medical Literature Review - Searching the medical literature and summarizing the findings to analyze a possible case.
  • Organizing - Reviewing and organizing Client provided or Referring attorney provided medical records to determine if a case is viable.
  • Client intake - Interviewing the client to assure the firm has all the information they need to collect a complete set of medical records.
  • Medical Records Collection - Receiving, collecting, examination and evaluating of Medical Records and radiology films, as well as other available information sources to identify and locate all providers of care. Our Medical Records experts identifies any missing records, so the Firm can secure them assuring a complete record.
  • Medical Records Organizing and Indexing - Our professional Medical Records review team knows how importance is to provide systematic, well-organized and properly indexed medical records. We are very familiar in properly sorting, numbering and organizing highly complex medical records of various medical specialties. The medical records can be organized chronologically, or categorized into hospital records, X-rays, labs, physicians’ notes, surgery records and so on, or sorted by provider or date of service, according to client preference. We also can provide scanning and bookmarking services turning books into electronic records ready for sharing with experts.
  • Medical Case Chronology Preparation - Roberts Consulting creates an accurate and complete Medical Chronology and/or summary. This is a record of medical events in the order of their occurrence. It highlights legally and medically noteworthy points to give you a clear view of the sequence of medical events. It also includes interpretive marginal notes from our medical specialists which highlight case-critical medical information.
  • Case Preparation - Our Medical Records litigation support team provides you with copies of all medical case summaries and chronologies, that give you a that give a clear overview of all details relevant to your case. It contains precise description of the nature of injury/condition, ER services, details of hospital stay, diagnoses, tests and treatments among other vital information.

Benefits of Contracting Roberts Consulting

The Roberts Consulting Litigation Support Team enables you:

  • Take your discovery, deposition, and trial preparation to a higher tier.
  • Have the most complete picture of a plaintiff’s medical history and understand the medical factors which may support or undermine your medical case.
  • Be able to better categorize plaintiffs or claimants according to documented exposure, treatment, or type and severity of injury.
  • Know the key facts in the Chronology that help you better prepare witnesses for Deposition.
  • Be better prepared as a medical litigation lawyers practicing in the areas of personal injury, medical malpractice and defective medical devices to present and defend your case

Roberts Consulting Services is not a law firm and does not provide legal services or legal advice