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Looking for an Authoritative Medical Record Specialist?

Perfect Solution for Medical Case Litigation Lawyers

Roberts Consulting Services has been providing professional and trusted Medical-Legal support services vital to law firms specializing Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Products Liability, Wrongful Death and other medical related practice areas. Founded in 2001, Roberts Consulting Services based in Tampa Florida, has been instrumental in assisting attorneys successfully litigate complex medical cases in the State of Florida and nationally.

The professional litigation support team of Roberts Consulting specializes in assisting lawyers to take complex medical legal cases to court. Our Medical Records specialists are familiar with and can easily work with highly complex medical records of all types. We are known for our comprehensive, accurate, timely and in-depth Medical Record organization and summaries that provide a clear view of the Key Medical Facts needed for successful litigation.

Our Services


Detailed patient/client Medical Records request, analysis, review, organization and summary to provide a clear view of the key medical records and facts.


Drafting client questionnaires and performing intake interviews to verify client's medical case and gathering enough facts to ensure long-term litigation success.


Targeted procurement and interview of Expert Witnesses based on your criteria and crucial for the success of your medical legal case.


Performing effective medical literature searches and reviews to obtain the best available evidence to support the facts of your medical lawsuit.


Drafting expert affidavits confirmed by oath or affirmation, containing the relevant facts to support your case, and be submitted as evidence in court.


If you do not see the service listed that meets your needs, contact us to discuss. Our diverse talented litigation support team most likely will be able to help.

Benefits of Contracting Roberts Consulting

The experienced Roberts Consulting Litigation Support Team enables you:
  • Take your discovery, deposition and trial preparation to a higher tier
  • Obtain most complete picture of a plaintiff's medical history to present and defend your case
  • Understand the medical factors which may support or undermine your medical case
  • Know the key facts chronology helping you better prepare witnesses for Deposition
  • Categorize plaintiffs or claimants by exposure, treatment, or type and severity of injury
  • Convenience, saving you time and money in the cumbersome medical records review process
  • Obtain customizable and affordable quality services that meet your specific ligation needs



The professional litigation support team of Roberts Consulting includes seasoned professionals who have worked in the fields of radiology; pharmacy; regulatory auditing; drug, device and cosmetic regulation; and more. The team is made up of lawyers, paralegals, pharmacists, technicians, state drug inspectors and auditors that have many years of practical work experience in the medical, healthcare, insurance, legal and pharmaceutical industries.

Principal Consultant and Founder Dr. Roberts is a Lawyer with a Doctorate in Pharmacy and the ideal leader for this team. She currently services law firms (plaintiff and defense), pharmacies and pharmacy chains, drug and cosmetic manufactures, drug wholesalers and third-party logistics providers. In addition, Dr Roberts is a Florida Certified Designated Representative (CDR).

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